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Law without borders
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In connection with the impact of various globalization trends, law ceases to be perceived only as the legal order of a specific state operating exclusively within its territory. Every legal order is influenced by the law of other states, or the law of transnational or international organizations, or obligations arising from international agreements. In the same way, the intermingling of legal systems can also be perceived in the application activity of the state, within which it is often necessary to take into account elements that have their basis in the legal system of another state. Interweaving and influencing law is also carried out through transnational and international judicial authorities off ering a unifying interpretation of some leg al institutes. The international scientific conf erence of doctoral students and young researchers is a unique space for the presentation and confrontation of scientific knowledge in the given field, which is not limited only to knowledge from positive-legal disciplines, but also to knowledge from a theoretical-legal as well as a historical-legal point of view.

The conference languages are Slovak, Czech, English

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